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Thread: Teenage wasteland

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    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    Anthem of the sun
    The band entered American Studios in Los Angeles in November 1967 with David Hassinger, the producer of their eponymous debut album. However, determined to make a more complicated recorded work than their debut release, as well as attempt to translate their live sound into the studio, the band and Hassinger changed locations to New York City. By December they had gone through two other studios, Century Sound and Olmstead Studios (both "highly regarded eight-track studios").

    Eventually, Hassinger grew frustrated with the group's slow recording pace and quit the project entirely while the band was at Century Sound, with only a third of the album completed.It has been reported that he left after guitarist Bob Weir requested creating the illusion of "thick air" in the studio by mixing recordings of silence taken in the desert and the city.

    Warner Bros. executive Joe Smith was noted as characterizing Anthem of the Sun as "the most unreasonable project with which we have ever involved ourselves."


    The album was recorded twice. The initial version, with the working title "Earthquake Country" (a Bay Area reference), was abandoned when Ampex manufactured and released the first 16-track multitrack recording machine (model number MM-1000). Offering 16 discrete tracks for recording and playback, it doubled the number of tracks that had been available when they recorded Anthem of the Sun, the previous year. Consequently, the band spent eight months in the studio, off-and-on, not only recording the album but getting used to — and experimenting with — the new technology. Garcia commented, "it was our first adventure with sixteen-track and we tended to put too much on everything...A lot of the music was just lost in the mix, a lot of what was really there". Drummer Bill Kreutzmann states, "sixteen-track technology came along only after we did our initial recording using an eight-track at the end of 1968. But when the studio procured one of the first sixteen-track recorders in the world (the same one we used for Live/Dead), the decision was made to toss everything we had already done and record it all again. From scratch. This time we could go deeper and experiment with things no other band had done yet. Being able to utilize twice as many tracks essentially doubled the possibilities of what we could do with each song. The end result was dense and cumbersome in places, and all that studio time cost us a fortune, but we were experimenting on the sonic frontier, exploiting cutting-edge technology."

    Indeed, the lengthy sessions for the album would put the band deeper into debt with Warner Bros. Records — specifically, a total cost of $180,000 (US$1,270,290 in 2020 dollars[9]) for Aoxomoxoa. It was their most ambitious and costly venture to date and the last time the band would ever run up such high studio bills.[2] Kreutzmann later commented, "Sometime in 1969, when we realized the colossal debt we got ourselves into with the decidedly indulgent making of Aoxomoxoa, we realized that we needed to get a handle on our finances.


    To assuage debt accrued with their record label from their recent album Aoxomoxoa, as well as fulfill their record contract, the band decided to record a live album. They were also interested in releasing an album more representative of their live performances and actual musicianship, as opposed to the in-studio experimentation of previous albums. The band's soundman, Owsley "Bear" Stanley, asked electronics designer Ron Wickersham to invent a microphone splitter that fed both into the PA and the record inputs, with no loss in quality.The songs were recorded with an Ampex 16-track machine.

    Kreutzmann later explained, "We got our hands on the latest in recording technology — a sixteen-track recorder (which, of course, is antiquated these days) — and we hauled it up the steps of the Avalon, and later the Fillmore West, and we became the first band ever to make a live sixteen-track recording. We weren’t trying to make history; we were just trying to record a live album. ... Studio versions could never do those songs justice, but advances in live recording (some of which were at our own hands) meant that we could bring the live Dead experience to vinyl".

    The album was a financial success for the band in the eyes of their label, Warner Bros. Keyboardist Tom Constanten commented that "Warner Bros. had pointed out that they had sunk $100,000-plus into Aoxomoxoa ... so someone had the idea that if we sent them a double live album, three discs for the price of one wouldn't be such a bad deal."

    Engineer and author Michael Hageloh claims that with the album, the Dead "spontaneously create[d] the form now known as 'jam rock'" and became "legends with a generation-spanning cult following". Drummer Bill Kreutzmann comments "It was our first live release and it remains one of our best-loved albums. Its appeal was that it took great 'you-had-to-be-there' live versions of songs like 'Dark Star' and 'The Eleven' and put them right in people’s living rooms."

    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    Have a nice time, take care, be protected.

    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vassilis View Post
    The Rubettes - Sugar baby love + chicken






    O Kωστόπουλος επιστρέφει για να μας "ξεβλαχέψει" οριστικά: Ξαναβγάζει το Nitro.



    "Αξίζει ο Πέτρος Κωστόπουλος τέτοιο μίσος;, έγραψε ο Πέτρος Κωστόπουλος. Έβλαψε την κοινωνία, διέφθειρε μία (ή μήπως μιάμισυ; ) γενιά Ελλήνων; Έστρωσε τον δρόμο για τη λαίλαπα των μνημονίων; Εάν το έλεγες σε κάποιον μεταγενέστερο -ή σε κάποιον ξένο-, θα σε κοιτούσε άναυδος. Περιοδικά ποικίλης ύλης εξέδιδε ο άνθρωπος. Δεν είχε καν τηλεοπτικό κανάλι ή ποδοσφαιρική ομόδα, δεν υπήρξε ο Έλλην Μπερλουσκόνι, ο οποίος μεταπήδησε από τις επιχειρήσεις στην πολιτική, κέρδισε επανειλημμένα εκλογές, κυβέρνησε και άφησε ανεξίτηλο ίσως στίγμα τη χώρα του!

    "Τα περιοδικά" θα σού απαντήσουν οι παθιασμένοι πολέμιοι του Πέτρου Κωστόπουλου "καλλιεργούσαν νοοτροπίες. Με το πονηρό σύνθημα "η ζωή είναι μικρή για να είναι θλιβερή”, νομιμοποιούσαν το ξόδεμα -χρημάτων και δυνάμεων- και ως εκ τούτου τον άμετρο δανεισμό. Με τον σεξιστικό τους λόγο ενίσχυαν την πατριαρχία. Με το φτηνό τους γούστο αποπροσανατόλιζαν τούς αναγνώστες από ό,τι γνήσιο, ποιοτικό, λιτό κι απέριττο...".

    Θα πρέπει να είναι κανείς εντελώς ανιστόρητος για να αποδώσει στον Πέτρο Κωστόπουλο τέτοια σημασία. Η εποχή κατά την οποίαν εμφανίστηκε εκείνος στον δημόσιο βίο, ανήλθε ραγδαία και έφτασε να μεσουρανεί σφραγίστηκε από άλλα πρόσωπα και γεγονότα. Τον Κωνσταντίνο Καραμανλή, τον Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου, τον Κώστα Σημίτη. Την οικοδόμηση της Τρίτης Ελληνικής Δημοκρατίας. Την ένταξη στην ΕΟΚ. Την "Αλλαγή". Το πρόταγμα του εκσυγχρονισμού, την συμμετοχή στην ΟΝΕ, την τέλεση των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων το 2004."


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    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

  7. Default Circo - Historia de un amor

    Pame dynata xevlahievoume tora...

    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    Εκτος από Petro έχω και Giorgo αλλά έχω και Vassilis...katse kala eee!


    "It is certainly preferable to grow vegetables."

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    Being semiaquatic, I inhabit small streams and rivers Down Under.

    Default Εμείς οι βλάχοι ... όπως λάχει.

    O Kωστόβλαχος επιστρέφει για να μας "ξεβλαχέψει" οριστικά: Ξαναβγάζει το Nitro.

    Ό,τι και να κάνει ο αρχιμπαστουνόβλαχος ... ημείς θα αντισταθούμε σθεναρά!


    In the high country of the mind one has to become adjusted to the thinner air of uncertainty...
    Robert M. Pirsig

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